Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Photos of Me...

Life is this funny thing that we plan for. We have dreams, hopes and goals, but when it comes down to it . Life is what you make of it!

If you try  remember that at the end of it all . .. the important things are the people in your life, the memories that you have shared, and the love of friends and family.  You will come to understand and strive to live a life that gives you all the things that are really important.

Ask yourself..."When I wake up in the morning, am I happy with my memories, do I spend time doing the things I like with the people who are important to me?"... What is missing?"

If you decide that life is worth living to its fullest, not matter what, maybe you should live it where those goals can be accomplished.

 Because at the end of the day... we have  photos in an album , and stories that we share !!

 Do you have enough???

"Life is and Adventure... Live it Here!"

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