Thursday, August 26, 2010

How Cool is Mother Nature!

It is amazing how many things there are to do right in your own back yard that you were never away of.

Free things which makes them even better!

3 State Parks...

Starved Rock State Park... listed as one of Illinois 7 wonders of the state. Beautiful trails that are open all year to hike, complete with wildlife...and I don't mean your kids...18 Canyons, picturesque waterfalls, and 2,630 acres of lush forests that includes over 200 different wildflowers. How awesome is that.

Matthiessen State Park...
Where you can expect to see beautiful rock formations in addition to unusual and abundant vegetation and wildlife. The Park was originally referred to as “Deer Park,” in reference to the large deer population.

Buffalo Rock State Park...
Located on a bluff which was once an island in the Illinois River. This 298 acre park is the home of two American bison. That is not something you see everyday now is it?

The parks are all free and so is parking. So grab the kids and the picnic basket and make a day of it... don't forget the camera!

You can get great pictures and how cool would it be to spend the day together doing something that doesn't require a cell signal (even though there is one)and or an outlet.

Unplug the kids, turn off the TV ... and go spend sometime doing something different this weekend.

"Life is an Adventure ... Live it Here!"

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