Friday, August 27, 2010

Food... Is it wrong to love it?

There is a local restaurant in  Starved Rock Country  that serves food that is very different from the regular Midwestern food that we are used to.

Cajun food is not what one thinks about when you are in Illinois. You think hamburgers,  pizza, ...yeah defiantly  Pizza , but Cajun...nope that is not what pops into my head when you are thinking about what to eat for dinner.

However, Cajun Connection just outside Utica, IL, is this little place that when you drive past doesn't look like much , but the food is AMAZING! Alligator, jambalaya, etouffee’, or jumbo shrimp,  fried corn, and so much more.

 Some of the dishes are served with Vodoo sauce... first off I want to know what it is and what can it do???
Because that just sounds awesome.

Getting a drink with dinner is just a part of life so  make sure to order a Turbo Dog  then stick around for desert because any restaurant that serves AMAZING bread pudding with sauce deserved a stop regardless of whether you eat anything else... but you will .. PROMISE

The local reviewer / concierge  service  called "Honey Let's Eat" gives this place great reviews.

So the next time you are in Starved Rock Country. Stop by the little pink house outside Utica, Illinois and get yourself some gator... you will be glad you did. 

"Life is an Adventure ... Live it Here!"

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