Saturday, September 25, 2010

Take THAT!

Sat. Sept. 25, 7:30 -

Fall begins with a bang this weekend at the Heritage Harbor Marina. The Spar your Spouse Wii boxing event will be held at Crawdad's this Saturday night. Our last Wii event was a HUGE success so be sure to sign up yourself and your partner early.

The kids will have their own Wii challenge separate from the Crawdad's event away from the bar so the adults can really have fun.
How many times have you really wanted to just let your partner have it???   Well here is your chance. Pick you character and go at it.. I promise you will have a BLAST!

In preparation for the big event here are a few tips:

    * Jabs are your bread and butter. Thrust either the Wii controller or nunchuck forward to jab. Do the same motion with a slight upward angle to jab to the face. Use jabs to throw one-two combination where you jab with the left hand and jab harder with the right.

    * Hit your opponent with uppercuts to do a lot of damage. Uppercuts are fairly hard to land and can be unreliable, but perfecting the uppercut will help you finish off big combos and lay your opponent out.

Just imagine how much fun it will be, so practice your jabs and upper cuts and get ready for the big Wii challenge this Saturday night. 
It promises to be a BIG HIT!

"Life is an Adventure... Live it Here!"

Thursday, September 16, 2010

If Fall had a Happy Place....This Would Be IT!!!

Fall always makes me think of Tanner's Orchard in Speer, Il. This family run orchard is the most amazing day trip you will ever make. The pick your own pumkins, the amazing fresh apple cider, and not to mention the Scrumptious , Delicious, OMG Fantastic Carmel Apples.....   YUM!... does not even describe the terrific produce and homemade bakery items such as fresh apple cider donuts and fudge that you can get when you take a trip to Tanner's....

Ok  so if you are on a diet....don't go  you will only end up hating yourself, because you will have no self control....I'm just sayin!

As a resident of Starved Rock Country I can attest to the awsomeness of Tanner's Orchard. Bring the kids and spend the day. They have hay rides, pick your own apples and pumpkins, pony rides, a corn maze, a great eatery where you can enjoy a wonderful lunch...This place is amazing and it's just over an hour from Heritage Harbor Marina so it's easy to make a trip to tanners a part of your weekend , but be forewarned...once you go, it will become an annual tradition.

A trip to Tanner's Orchard is defiantly a part of my Adventure Lifestyle!

"Life is an Adventure...Live it Here!"

Thursday, September 9, 2010

It was a Classic Adventure!

Raw horse power, shinny chrome and loud engines.... Now that's what we call a SWEET Saturday Night !

Streator's Roamer Cruise Night was the undisputed king of things to do this past weekend. ( September 4,2011).Over  20,000 people attended the annual event in downtown Streator from as far away as Texas.

Everything from the classic Ford Model T, to the crowd favorite , a flame-throwing exposition by the Voodoo Kings Car Club of Chicago.

The scene of classic cars, roaring motors and rockabilly bands is what draws a huge crowd annually to a tiny town in the midst of Starved Rock Country. It's a great date night, even if you bring the kids... they get so caught up in the cars and hubby and you can reminisce about your classic ride that you had way back when...

What's the draw? The cars, sure, but anyone can have a car show. In Streator, the real attraction is the cruising: getting those vintage vehicles out on the road, slowly going up and down the main streets, listening to classic music and restoring — if only for one night — some magic memories of the past.

 It's a stroll down memory lane for some, and for others it's a night of sheer envy. Awesome cars, and tricked out classics... every teenage boys dream... even the big kids, and when I say big kids I mean grown adult men... were droolin'.. " How cool is that"

It is the largest car show in downstate Illinois and it's here in the heart of Starved Rock Country.

If you missed it, you're in luck... because it's an annual event so mark you calendar now for a trip back in time!

"Life is an Adventure... Live it Here!"

Friday, September 3, 2010

Add a little CHAOS in your life !

Doesn't your life need a little more CHAOS?

CHAOS, which stands for Community House of Arts in Ottawa, is a place like no other in the Starved Rock Country area.

The goal of CHAOS is to engage youth and families in workshops teaching theater skills, script development, beginning performance skills, providing our community with a revolutionary new version of a classic story. They also provide free community events and unique art exhibits, such as the upcoming Monster Pumpkin Sculpture. At a time when programs are being cut from school budget CHOAS brings a vital education/ social component to this area.

Previous events have included awesome classes with guests such as graphic novelist Tim Seeley, voice lessons with Janet Reynolds of the Chicago Lyric Opera, local artists such as Annette Barr Photography and CHAOS staff.

They provide the Ottawa Community with free art events such Recycled Art Days, Jackson Pollack Community Paint parties, Scarecrow festival, the CHAOS Halloween party, and at the Ice Odyssey Festival.

Setting the Guinness World Record for the tallest Lincoln Log Structure, collecting 18000 Lincoln Logs and building a tower over 11 feet tall. All done right here in the Land of Lincoln! How cool is that?

Putting a little more CHAOS in your life may not be what you think you need , but it just might be! Support a great community resource and have some fun.       

 Upcoming events:

September 25th - Scarecrow Festival!
Scarecrow stuffing contest, Scarecrow Mural painting,

Fall art projects and a sneak peek special at Revolution Theatre’s original production of The Wizard of Oz! And it’s all FREE!

October 30th - PUMPKINPALOOZA!!
FREE Halloween Party after downtown trick or treating! Costume judging, art projects and a Scream contest! 
Bring your pumpkin to the Jordan block to be displayed for Ottawa’s first Jack-o-lantern Contest.
See the first annual Lighting of the Pumpkins at sundown! Compete to create the best Monster Pumpkin Sculpture on the Jordan block!

The amazing thing about CHAOS is that they run on donations, programs and events are done free of charge. If you enjoy art and want to expand you horizons contact CHAOS for more information about upcoming event and how you can be adventurous and try something new.

Life is an Adventure... Live it Here!