Saturday, September 25, 2010

Take THAT!

Sat. Sept. 25, 7:30 -

Fall begins with a bang this weekend at the Heritage Harbor Marina. The Spar your Spouse Wii boxing event will be held at Crawdad's this Saturday night. Our last Wii event was a HUGE success so be sure to sign up yourself and your partner early.

The kids will have their own Wii challenge separate from the Crawdad's event away from the bar so the adults can really have fun.
How many times have you really wanted to just let your partner have it???   Well here is your chance. Pick you character and go at it.. I promise you will have a BLAST!

In preparation for the big event here are a few tips:

    * Jabs are your bread and butter. Thrust either the Wii controller or nunchuck forward to jab. Do the same motion with a slight upward angle to jab to the face. Use jabs to throw one-two combination where you jab with the left hand and jab harder with the right.

    * Hit your opponent with uppercuts to do a lot of damage. Uppercuts are fairly hard to land and can be unreliable, but perfecting the uppercut will help you finish off big combos and lay your opponent out.

Just imagine how much fun it will be, so practice your jabs and upper cuts and get ready for the big Wii challenge this Saturday night. 
It promises to be a BIG HIT!

"Life is an Adventure... Live it Here!"

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